Love and Nature…


Rose never betrays…💞🌷

As I loved a rose,
I forgot to pose...
What to do now
To have her love?

I'm alone by her
Not to live in here
But somewhere to roam,
Just without any norm...

Now she's my cheer,
To cease my tear,
With a smile of hue,
In the grieve of dew...

She is my wife,
To tend the life,
From His own lads,
As they turned to mads.

New hues of wealth,
Stole their strength,
Took their health away,
Now all has to pray,

To nurse the nature,
For our care and cure,
I just left my nest,
To turn her best...

For her… For life…💞🌷

Modern Man and Money…

Modern man, the last product of evolution, may be the last visitors on earth. These assumptions make no sense in us but they have complete sense over the situation of our modern man, their selfishness and their undending desire on undeserved things and their foul deeds for money. Let us compare our life with cards…

Sharpless spades, 
Cursing clubs,
Hurting hearts,
Deadly diamonds,
Make the life lifeless...

Here sharpless spades clearly refers to the useless tools in today’s life. Nowadays humanity become idle one. All are forgetting it and losing their patience and kindness. They are in the race to earn more, enjoy more by erasing others’  thoughts and needs. Cursing clubs and hurting hearts reveals the truth that in modern world our friends(clubs) and dear ones are hurting and cursing us for their own comfort. Money makes a man mad and meaning morass. The last line ‘deadly diamonds’ has great value in today’s scenario. Diamond is the grandest, the greatest, the purest and the hardest thing in the whole world that symbolises the thickness of human bonds and love. Nowadays they become deadly. Man makes mist in meadows for their mirth from others’ morass. Lifeless life in luxury is the worst thing in world. We must know the truth that in our life money is a need but not an essentiality. But at the same time humanity, love, care, kindness etc. are as essential as the air that we breath. They are necessary in our life as no one can live with out any one. That is, independent life is not independent from doubts on it. Now let us remember the verse of values…

Void vales of values and 
Virtues are worse than vacant veins...

These lines again reminds us the essentiality of values in the lives of all. Absence of values is worse than death. That means ‘ A life worse than death ‘. It will be meaningless one. Meaningless life for money, what a voidness!?…

Let us remember the truth that ‘ Great God give us this life to lighten the lightless laterns of lost lads in lonely land ‘. But what are we doing? 

Illusion is illuminating before us whilst reality is rusting. So let us remember the reality, reveal the reality, restart the reality, restore the reality…

‘ Illuminating Illusion and Rusting Reality ‘

Just by title it is nothing, by its content, it is more significant in today’s life as man is sewing sky of selfishness over the sea of sorrows of others. What is illusion? Some thing that doesn’t exist, occur or proceed. But now it is illuminating. Man is making mirage in his own mind and is following it. Just by his selfishness while they are forgetting reality, real intention of life. Let us think about the real intention of life.

Real intention of life is nothing but to realise the reality, the real intention of life within the period between birth and death. “

The above definition clearly make no sense in first look. But it has its content. We must know that thing that makes our life complete or perfect. It may be different for different individuals as every body are unique in their own ways. But all of them must have one thing in common that is, all must keep their own values and virtues in their thoughts, words and deeds.Only those values and virtues make their work valuable. Let us see the significance of values by the quote given below,

Void vales of values and virtues are worse than vacant veins

The above statement clearly says how important is morality in man. The absence of values is clearly the worst thing in the whole world.

Now let us go to title again. Rusting reality is clearly the voidness of values in the valleys of life. And the illusion is the deathless desires of man. His desires are deleting the righteousness from his heart. These corruptions in individual hearts corrupt the whole world. Now this world is corrupted and cursed by the absence of values.

Now let us analyse it in various various aspects like ‘ Modern Man and Money ‘ and ‘ Intention of Life ‘ in next one.